Friday, January 06, 2006

I started my first sock for charity with two sets of 5 size 0 dpns. I knit both socks at the same time, alternating between the socks. I am knitting from the toe up to the cuff, and prefer the Rectangle Toe, which you can find here .
Starting with 12 stitches, I knit my rectangle, and picked up stitches on the straight edges. When I had 8 sts on my 4 dpns, I continued with increases until I had 64 sts total. (16 sts on each needle) With a gauge of 9 spi, I should have a sock about 7" around, which will be good for a small child sized sock. I continued with k3 p1 rib on the instep until 4.25" from the beginning (30 rnds) then started increasing for my gussets.
I like to add about 1/6 of total sts for gussets. So I added 10 sts on each side of my sock. When my gussets were done, my needles had 26-16-16-26 sts.
For Christmas, I got size 0 circular needles, and now I wanted to try to finish these two socks on 2 circs. But I had to turn my heels and knit the heel flaps first. I like the heel and flap construction of the Roman Rib Sock and have adjusted the stitch counts to fit my socks.
Now I switched my socks to 2 circulars needles, and am knitting away to the cuff. Knitting 2 socks on 2 circs is harder than I thought, and I'm glad I practiced by knitting a hat with 2 circs first.


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