Monday, January 09, 2006

I finished a second pair of socks for my son. I used 2 50 gr balls of Cervinia from Smiley's Yarns. The yardage on this yarn is a bit short, and I had to make the toes, heels and cuff in Opal DK. I knit them toe-up on #1s, rectangular toe to start, and 2x2 rib to fit his narrow feet.

He has the strangest feet! I thought everyone had 'square' feet; that is around the foot is about the same as from heel to toe. His foot measures 10" around and 11" long, I measured twice to be sure. The first pair was loose on the cuff; I corrected that on this pair by going down to #0s after the heel flap. He says they fit very well.

I thought I would never finish these socks. This is the third pair of men's socks I've knit since Thanksgiving, and they have all been shades of tan, gray and dark green. We have had gray skies most of that time, and extreme gloom and fog since the New Year. I didn't realize how hard the combination of drab yarn and gray skies was, until Sunday morning, when I was doing the tubular bind off. The sun finally peeked through the clouds and I could really see my stitches!

Now I can put my energy into the beautiful Opal yarn I have waiting for me. The colors are such a relief to work on.


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