Monday, July 28, 2008

Bean goes swimming

Bean and his parents went swimming Saturday, you can see he had a lot of fun. Diametrag said he was kicking like he wanted to swim in his little crab swim ring.
It was sunny and warm, and Diametrag put sun screen on his face and body, but didn't want to put it in his hair. Grandma tatt3r's orange sun hat protected his head and face from the sun while in the pool.
Once out of the pool, Diametrag got the hat wet and used it like a washcloth; rinsing his face to get rid of the chlorine.
Double duty! A knitted item that can be used two ways and survive! Hooray for kitchen cotton. Hooray for creative moms with tiny babies.
I started physical therapy last week. So far, it is only fingers and elbow. Although the surgery was on my wrist, my hand and fingers are trashed. I can't close my hand or make a fist. I can touch my index finger to my thumb, but don't have enough strength to hold a knitting needle. Even if I switched to English knitting, I don't think I could hold the needle properly because I can't bend my wrist.
I'm not whining, though, and have designed a little 4" coaster in Romanian Point Lace. I hope to be able to grip the fabric well enough with my left hand that I can begin couching the braid.

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