Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bibs for Bean

I'm knitting again! It felt so wrong when I couldn't knit Continental that I didn't even finish a dishcloth. I saw the surgeon Sept 4th, and he said I could ditch the brace.

I've been knitting as usual since then, but slowly. My fingers get tired and I drop the left hand needle when it's empty, but that happens less and less. I knit 2 bibs for Bean; they are about 7" square. He's eating cereal and spitting out all the veggies Diametrag gives him. He cries when he sees something green on the spoon.

I'm also knitting for the babies again! I finished this hat, which I had cast on Before The Break. It's slow going; I'm not able to knit for hours as I did before. I persevere, and see slow improvement. Not knitting socks yet, and I would love to knit myself some slippers with double strands of worsted acrylic. We were camping and it would have been nice to take off my shoes and leave the sand outside.

The bibs are kitchen cotton, knit loosely on #9 needles. When Bean grows out of them, Diametrag can unravel the strap, bind off those 6 stitches, and have a sturdy washcloth to clean Bean's face, fingers and highchair when he's all done eating.

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