Saturday, October 04, 2008

More Bibs for Bean

I had a request from Diametrag for more bibs, and here they are. She said they fit well, and I made two more just the same.
I used Sugan 'n Cream kitchen cotton, #9 needles and 33 stitches. They ended up about 7" square. They might shrink when they are washed, and if she needs more, I'll cast on a few more stitches.
This size is pretty good, because I got 2 bibs from the green variegated skein of Sugar 'n Cream. The label says "New Super Size" and weighs 85 g (3 oz).
I have also finished 2 hats for the hospital. Both are plain k2p2 rib. I'm having a bit of trouble controlling my tension when I knit. I can't believe I'm knitting tighter than before, rather than looser. Who would think you'd need more strength to knit loose rather than tight? That's what my problem is, and so I'm sticking with plain k2p2 ribbing because that makes the stretchiest hat.
I got to see Bean over the last weekend. Oh, he is so sweet. He is almost 7 months old now, and starting to get mobile. He's crawling; getting faster every day. Now he's started pulling himself up on furniture and anything else he can grab.

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