Friday, August 18, 2006

SamplerM Update and 2 Baby Hats

I finished a hat to match the 5HBS, using the pattern from Gail's site. Since I am pompon challenged, I decreased to 9 sts and knit 3 I-cords, and tied them together.

I kept thinking that a little red hat with 8 I cords would be so cute for hockey season. Do you know the Red Wings start their pre-season training at Traverse City next month?

Here's an update on my SamplerM, patterns 6 and 7. These patterns are so interesting. While I am knitting, I keep thinking what I can learn about knitted lace from this pattern. I wonder how M chose the patterns, is there a progression in difficulty? Did the patterns come from a leaflet or book, or is this a way of documenting her Mother's or Grandmother's patterns for future reference?


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