Friday, February 10, 2006

My second pair of baby socks is done! I made a few changes with this pair, and have started a third, with a few more tweaks to the pattern. All of the socks are 36 sts, #1 needles with Opal fingering wt. yarn, and about 3.75" long. You might recognize them as leftover bits from my first pair of Opal socks.
You can see we are having a little bit of snow today. After more than 40 days of above normal temperatures, we are finally down to average temps for our area.
I'm yearning for yarn, just a skein or two. I'd like a ball of solid bright red or green Opal to add heels and toes to the charity socks I'm knitting. When I finish my orange Opals, I'd like to start another pair of socks for my son, but I have a skein in my stash that might do for him. Then there is the Barbara Walker book, Charted Designs, I want to order from Schoolhouse Press. I have birthday money from my mom, and I'm itching to spend it. My birthday is before Christmas, and I usually wait till after Christmas to buy something for myself. I think know I like to ponder the possibilities as much as the actual purchase.


At 7:42 AM, February 11, 2006, Blogger Suzann said...

Ohh really cute socks. The Barbara Walker books are less expensive at Knit Picks. Beware that Opal Uni red is more orange then red. This seems to be true of all Opal reds. No idea why. I have red, a very light blue and a very very pale pink. I got them online, and the colors are much more pastel then I thought they would be. Oh well the downside of trying to pick colors online. I have been using either Knit Picks solids or Regia if I want an accent color. 50 gram ball is plenty for an accent, or at least it has been plenty for the socks I have done two color :)


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