Monday, October 29, 2007

Baby Hat and Socks

I was talking baby stuff with Diametrag, discussing the differences between knitted baby socks and booties. I offered to let two of Diametrag's friends with infants test drive my baby socks. I thought it would be one way her Bean could get an improved version of baby foot-wear.
J. heard me talking about baby socks, and told me that a co-worker's wife was due to have a baby any day. Could I spare a pair of booties for him? I went stash diving and found my last skein of Cherub DK yarn. I got a nice newborn hat and sockies ready in no time, J. took them to work this morning. I took the picture Sunday afternoon, taking advantage of the late afternoon sun. That's why there's only one sock in the picture, I finished the 2nd one while watching the Red Wings play.

The baby surprise should have been featured today; I had 6 rows to go, and I expected to have it done. I sat down with a cup of tea and started knitting, I noticed I was on the last little bit of the skein, there would be just enough to finish the sweater, but no hat or socks. On the fourth row, I noticed the buttonholes looked odd on the right hand front of the sweater. I had spaced them so carefully on the left hand side, but forgot to reverse the spacing on the right hand side. I started to tink the stitches, the dog started to shake toys at my lap, and the remaining bit of skein became hopelessly tangled. Time to put the sweater away, I'll finish it tonight.

Knitter's details: Cascade Cherub DK, Color Kaleidoscope 1323. #4 and #5 dpns, 72 sts, 3" k1p1 rib and 3" lacy rib pattern. Baby socks with #5 dpns, 24 sts, 15 rounds to the heel, 11 rows stockinette heel flap, turn heel, pick up 6 sts each side of heel flap. Gusset decreases every round to original 24 sts, the 12 rounds for instep. Decrease every round for toe, down to 8 sts. I started with 6 rounds stockinette for the rolled top, and k2p2 rib through the rest of the sock, hoping for a snug fit.

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At 12:45 PM, November 03, 2007, Blogger Leah said...

Those are cute colors! I bet that Dad's friend loved the gift. Those Baby socks look very nice.


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