Monday, October 15, 2007

Toe-Up Socks for Me

We went camping last week, just a two-day outing to get away and relax. I took my latest socks in progress. When we left, I had one sock done up to the gussets, and the second sock had only the toe done. I finished both gussets, turned the heels, heel flaps and now I'm working on the cuffs. Lots of time for knitting.
I made the feet plain stockinette, and had a little trouble when it came time for the gussets. I didn't realize how much I used a patterned instep for reference. I made it through, but got very tired of the stripes. I'm a big fan of brown, but these colors are just a bit off to me. (Opal, Rainforest Owl) I decided to break up the stripes with Harris Tweed on the cuffs, and it really does the job.
I am a fanatic when it comes to keeping my socks the same, right down to the number of rounds in the cuffs. Now that I'm doing Harris Tweed I don't have to track my rounds as I would have with k2p2 rib. Not familiar with Harris Tweed? It's k2p2 rib broken up by rounds of knit or purl. It's not very effective in worsted, but in sock yarn it makes nice little squares, almost like a waffle stitch.
Rounds 1&2: *k2, p2*. Rounds 3&4: *k*. Rounds 5&6: *k2, p2*. Rounds 7&8: *p*.

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