Sunday, August 12, 2007

Progress on my Faroese Shawl

I woke early to lightning and thunder, and when I drifted off again, I had a dream that was almost a nightmare, but not quite. I know when that happens I'm done sleeping, so I turned on the light and started knitting on my top-down Faroese-style shawl.
I finished the first ball of yarn, and have knitted a few inches from the second. My needle is crowded, and I decided to spread the shawl out and check my progress. I put half my stitches on a 2nd circular needle, and was ready to spread it on the floor to take a picture when I realized the brown carpet would offer very little contrast with my brown shawl. hmmmm.

The ground was wet from rain, and I was in my pjs, there would be no outdoor picture this morning. I realized I had my blue shawl wrapped around me, and I wanted to compare the sizes anyway. I was able to take these pictures with no interference, the dog and husband are still asleep.
The blue shawl is Woolease, and 31" down the center back. My brown shawl is only 19" long, I'll have to work hard to finish it before the weather turns cooler. I have 138+138+6+6+33=321 sts, takes me awhile to get across a row.

The EZasPi Yahoo Group is starting a PiR2 KAL, and I wish I were knitting with them. I can't remember why I started the Faroese Shawl instead of a PiR2, but I've gone too far to frog this, and I certainly won't set it aside to start yet *another* shawl. I'll knit along with the group, but on my Faroese shawl, and hope I am inspired to finish.

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