Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Basic Knit hat pattern 2020 version

It's been quite some time since I updated my knitting blog. I haven't stopped knitting, but I think I'm returning to knitting for charity. Here's my recipe I use for my knitted infant hats. This pattern is for newborn sized infants, not a preemie size. I used to use Bernat Baby, sport weight yarn. I haven't been shopping for sport weight for baby hats, so I may have to make some changes.

Knit Hats for Newborns - rib knit in the round makes a snug, warm hat that has no seam.

Sport Weight yarn, #5 dpns

Basic Hat in K2, P2 rib
Cast on 72 sts, using the Twisted German Cast on. Divide between dpns (I divide between 4 and knit w/ the 5th needle)
Work k2p2 rib for 5 ½”.

Move sts so each needle begins with P2, and Decrease as follows
R1: *p1, k2tog, k1*
R2: *p1, k2*
R3: *p2tog, k1*
R4: *p1, k1* use this round to move to 3 needles 12-12-12
R5: *k2 tog*
R6: *k*
R7: *k2tog* 9 sts left, finish ends. Or knit 3 I-cords for decoration.

Alternate hats:
After K2P2 rib for 2 ½”, knit in a rib knit pattern for 3”. Decrease with decreases above.

Harris Tweed - work rounds 1-8 three times, plus rounds 1&2. 26 rounds, then begin decreases.
R 1&2: *k2, p2*
R3&4: *knit*
R5&6: *k2, p2*
R7&8: *purl*

Waffle Stitch & Variation - work R3&4: *Purl*
R 1&2: *k2p2*
R3&4: *knit*

Seeded Rib
R1:*k3, p1*
R2: *knit*

Simple Open Work Rib - adjust sts so each needle begins with two Purl sts.
R 1,2,3: *p2, k2*
R4: *p2, yo, ssk*

Uneven Rib
R1: *k2, p2*

R2: k1, *p2, k2*


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