Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Baby Hat in Diagonal Eyelet Rib

I used TLC Baby, a sport weight yarn, and #5 dpns.

Cast on 72 sts, (16-16-16-24)
k2p2 rib for 2 1/2 ".

Rnd1 *k1, yo, skp, k3, p2*
Rnd2 *k6, p2*
Rnd3 *k2, yo, skp, k2, p2*
Rnd4 *k6, p2*
Rnd5 *k3, yo, skp, k1, p2*
Rnd6 *k6, p2*
Rnd7 *k4, yo, skp, p2*
Rnd8 *k6, p2*

Repeat Rnds 1-8 2x, begin decreasing at Rnd7 of the 3rd repeat of the pattern.
Rnd1 *k1, k2tog, k1, yo, skp, p2*
Rnd2 *k1, k2tog, k2, p2*
Rnd3 *k1, k2tog, k1, p2*
Rnd4 *k1, k2tog, p2*
Rnd5 *p1, k2tog, k1*
Rnd6 *k2tog, k1*
Rnd7 *k2tog*

Knitter's notes: skp = slip, knit, pass slipped stitch over; use a stretchy cast on. Twisted German Cast on is my preference. Knit ribbing 2.5", knit body of hat for at least 2.5", begin decreases. Pattern is written in the round, use dpns or circular needle and magic loop. My gauge is about 5spi, 7rpi. This hat will fit a newborn, stretches to about 12".

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At 9:49 AM, January 02, 2014, Blogger Jean said...

This is a beautiful pattern. Thank you so much!


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