Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Baby Hat in Links of Lace

This is not the best picture of the hat. My knit, stuffed ball is a bit too big, and the hat is stretched too far. I originally found Links of Lace in a sock pattern. While I didn't have to change it to knit in the round, I have had to devise my own decreases.

Knit with #5 dpns and TLC Baby Sport, should fit a newborn.

Cast on 72 sts (16-20-16-20) and work 2 1/2" in k2p2 rib in the round. This pattern is a multiple of 6, and now you need to shift your stitches to (18-18-18-18).

Rnd1 *k2, p1, yo, k2tbl, p1*
Rnd2 *k2, p1*
Rnd3 *k2, p1, k2tog, yo, p1*
Rnd4 *k2, p1*

Knit in pattern until it measures about 5 1/2". I knit 20 rounds, and began my decreases after Rnd4.

Rnd1 *k2, p1, k2tbl, p1*
Rnd2 *k2, p1, k1, p1*
Rnd3 *k2, k2tog, p1*
Rnd4 *k1, k2tog, p1*
Rnd5 *k2, p1* (shift sts so each needle begins w/a purl st.)
Rnd6 *k2tog, k1*
Rnd7 *k2tog*

When you have 9 sts, finish off.

Today I delivered another 2 dozen hats to a local hospital. I'm a bit late with these, my summer has been stressful to the point where knitting hasn't been much fun. Life is easing up now, and I'll have to hustle to get 3 dozen done by the end of the year. Hockey season starts soon, and I knit most of my hats watching the Red Wings on tv. I can knit 2 hats in 3 games, not too bad.

Last time I delivered hats, I learned that they are a bit short sometimes in the winter - they lose many retired knitters when they head south. It's getting time to start on Christmas knitting for my family, too. Tatt3r's knitting needles will be heating up soon!

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