Saturday, August 22, 2009

Baby Hat in Little Basketweave

Knit with #5 dpns and TLC Baby Sport, this hat fits a newborn.

Cast on 72 sts (16-20-16-20) and work 2 1/2" in k2p2 rib. This pattern is a multiple of 6, and now you need to shift your stitches to (18-18-18-18).

Rnd1&2 *k2, p4*
Rnd3&4 *k2, p1*

Repeat for 18 rounds, you should be about 5" from the beginning. Move your stitches so there are 4 purl sts at the beginning of each dpn.

Rnd1 *p1, p2tog, p1, k2*
Rnd2 *p1, p2tog, k2*
Rnd3 *p1, k2tog, k1*
Rnd4 *p1, k2*
Rnd5 *k2tog, k1*
Rnd6 *k2tog, k2*
Rnd7 *k2tog*

You should have 9 sts. You know what to do. You gonna make me write it out? Nah.

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At 11:10 PM, June 04, 2012, Anonymous Tam said...

Came out perfect, good instructions!


At 4:52 PM, August 05, 2012, Blogger Nighthawk18 said...

So cute! Love how fast this knits up! It would be a good pattern for a toddler's winter hat as well. :)

At 3:01 PM, August 26, 2014, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for the great pattern. It works up quickly and easy to follow directions. I used a variegated blue dk baby yarn and it's perfect for a newborn boy.


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