Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Mosaic Knitting Samples

Take a peek at my mosaic Knitting. I obviously have to develop some skills before I include mosaic knitting in an actual project. The colors are bleached by the flash, but I think you can see the stitch definition.

The red sample is my first, and I started by knitting one repeat of 'Lattice', page 75 from the 2nd Treasury (the red book). In this book, the mosaic patterns are written out in words. One repeat was enough for me, and I decided to chart the pattern. I worked and worked, but could not translate Lattice to a chart, so I charted the very first mosaic pattern in that chapter, under the heading 'Beginner's Mosaics'. After 2 repeats from that chart, I had to admit that something was not right. I studied and erased, finally managed to get a corrected chart and knitted a repeat. I did the last repeat in garter stitch and called it good for now.

Then I saw Suzann's mosaic sample and chart she created. She notes where a stitch is slipped in her chart. I got out my charting paper and pencil and tried again to chart Lattice, and this time it made sense to me. This sample is in the round, 36 stitches. I went up a needle size, and that made a difference in the way the colors are showing. I did two repeats, then switched colors. I did just a bit more than half the pattern, and was not happy with the way the color is hidden behind the black.

I can see I will need to experiment with needle and yarn sizes in order to get the look I want. I ordered 'Mosaic Knitting' from Schoolhouse Press, they are reprinting the book, with a publishing date in April. I'm looking forward to that.

After this brief interruption, I'm back to my socks!


At 9:08 AM, February 22, 2006, Blogger Suzann said...

Your samples look beautiful. I love the colors. I had a hard time making charts for mosaics too. I think I was over thinking the whole process. :)
Sadly my socks are on hold, as my daughter finds she is not as fond of the colors as she thought she would be. And as you can imagine they are quite warm. I will finish them at some point. But not just now.
Charting mosaic patterns make all the difference in ease of work. Much easier once you can see what you are suppose to be doing :)


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