Tuesday, April 25, 2006

More Pi, Please

Yes, since I'm The Mom around here, I can have as much Pi as I want. Thank goodness this Pi has no calories.

This is my second attempt at a Pi Doily. I frogged the first one when, plotting my color changes, I realized just how large that purple section would be. This time the very large section of Pi will be my favorite color in Cebelia, #747, a very icy aqua blue.

My Pi Doily is starting with #799, Horizon Blue, Cebelia #20 thread and #1 needles. For Clue 1 I chose Selection C, 3x3 Leaf. I must be making some progress, because after 100 or so double decreases, I no longer fear the K3tog. Loathe, yes, but no fear.

Clue 2 is Selection A, Snowdrop. Thank goodness for lifelines. I knitted Selection C, Corn, all the way to Round 23 before I admitted defeat. I even pinned it out and let it sit overnight. In the cold light of dawn, I could see no corn, not in my doily. I frogged and reknit, and am happy with Snowdrop. Don't know why Corn didn't work for me, it must have been my thread and needle choice. I'll be putting in another lifeline before Friday, you can bet on that.

One thing I have noticed. When I knit my PiR2 shawl, my hands say, yum this is nice yarn. When I knit on the doily, my hands say yum, this is fun lace. My PiR2 shawl doesn't feel like lace to me. It has YOs, and holes, but it just isn't lace. The cotton thread tells my hands that I am making lace, like tatting and bobbin lace. My hands haven't yet learned that yarn can be lace, too. huh.


At 4:20 PM, April 26, 2006, Blogger Alwen said...

You have circular needles in size 1 . . . drool! It's interesting what says "lace" to your brain and what doesn't, isn't it? It doesn't mean it isn't pretty or attractive, but some sizes just don't push the lace button in my brain, either!

At 4:26 PM, April 26, 2006, Blogger tatt3r said...

I searched the EZasPi archives and read where someone mentioned Susan Bates Quicksilver circs as being nice. I picked up a 16" size 1 and it is very nice. A nice pointy tip, just what I like for lace knitting. Now I wish I had gotten a longer one. I just love the feel of cotton thread running through my fingers. All those years of tatting, I guess.


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