Saturday, April 22, 2006

PiR2 Mystery Adventure - Second Clue

I have two pieces of Pi on my plate, and I’m knitting as fast as I can!
The second clue for the KYOAMPi Shawl was published yesterday, and I decided to knit on my PiR2 shawl first.
I origianlly chose Clue B for my 12 row section, and I managed that with not many problems. I wanted to continue with the same group for the 24 row section, but Clue B had YOs on consecutive rows. There’s a lot going on with a PiR2, and I wasn’t sure I could handle YOs on all my rows.
The PiR2 increases EOR for the mitered fronts, and I am knitting the lace pattern all the way out to the diagonal. This is a challenge for me, and I'm carefully adding the lace pattern when I get enough stitches to make it fit. I’m just not good enough to add lace on my return rows, and use the chart ‘backwards’.
So I KISS’ed Clue B goodbye for now, and chose Clue A, Snowdrops. I am very pleased with how the two patterns look together. Mindy, Iris and Pat are doing an incredible job! Thanks!
Details: KnitPicks lace weight Shadow, 100% Merino Wool, color Oregon Coast, size 9 needles.


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