Monday, April 17, 2006

Pi on my Plate

I have a double helping of Pi on my plate now that the baby socks are done. I am knitting along with the Mystery Adventure Pi Shawl at the EZasPi Yahoo Group. I started a PiR2 shawl in lace weight yarn from KnitPicks, and the first clue went so well I started another Pi adventure.

This one is going to be a Pi Doily, in #20 Cebelia, with size 0 needles. I sorted through my considerable stash of crochet cotton, and found 5 springtime pastels. I don’t know how big this will get, that’s the beauty of EZ’s Pi design. I can finish off when I run out of thread or patience, knitter’s choice. The only problem I see is that my circular needle is 24” and it might be quite awhile before I can switch from dpns to the circ. I am ready to increase from 72 to 144 sts, and plan to add two more dpns and change color after that round. Fortunately I have an abundance of sock needles, and they are idle at the moment. I started with aqua (#747) and plan to switch to baby blue (#800). I am impatiently waiting for the next clue, and will focus on baby hats until Friday.

More spiral rib baby hats for the local hospital. I took them to the lys Saturday when I went to the knitting social. Left is the baby version of Magknits' Odessa, center is a k2p2 spiral, and right k3p3 spiral, Lorraine Major’s hat from Woolworks. The k1p1 rib for the cuff is my modification of the pattern, it worked just as I hoped. The k2p2 diagonal rib is not as clearly defined as k3p3, and I won’t be making that one again.
Why spiral ribs? I don’t know. Ribs add a bit of stretch, spirals add a bit of visual interest but no bulk. I think I want to try a k3p1 spiral next. If I shift the rib 1 stitch after 2 rows, maybe I can get a nice slant from k3p1. I’ll do a swatch during the hockey game tonight. Go Red Wings!


At 9:47 AM, April 17, 2006, Blogger Sarah said...

mmm... what a delicious slice of pi!


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