Thursday, April 13, 2006

Winding up for the EZasPi KAL

I have my lace weight yarn from KnitPicks, the color is Oregon Coast. I know it's boring beige, but vibrant colors make me feel conspicuous, so I opted for a color I know I can wear.
I’ve made 2 swatches, #8 and #9 needles, and still can’t decide which one I like best. I think I will have to buy a new circ, no matter which way I go. Both my 8 and 9 have blunt tips, and I will definitely need a sharper point for the fine yarn. I may opt for a wooden needle, still thinking about that.
I did find an easy way to wind the yarn into a ball without a swift. The music stand did a wonderful job, except it didn’t turn as a swift would. My DH ‘helped’ me the last time I wrestled with a hank of yarn, and it turned into a tug of war. I wanted it relaxed to avoid stretching, he kept it taut to avoid tangling. It was a jerky, stop-and-go session that I didn’t want to repeat with lace weight yarn. The music stand didn't argue, and I wound a nice ball with no tangles in about a half an hour. Not bad for a beginner.
I am knitting my last baby sock for the Longest Line Contest tonight, and plan to tag, box and mail early next week. I won’t win the contest, but I will warm 38 pairs of baby feet. That warms my heart, too. How’s that for Dual Duty Plus!


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