Thursday, April 27, 2006

Two New Hats, One Old Favorite

Three hats this week. I have another started, but it won't be done in time to make it through the wash with the others. I don't know why the colors are all wonky, they are really pale baby colors. You will have to use your imagination, I'm not going to take another picture. (sorry)

The blue and white one looks very small, but it is all 2x2 rib, and actually has a lot of stretch.

I am very happy with the green hat. I used Seeded Rib Stitch and it is very stretchy with a lot of visual interest. I have used this stitch for socks and thought it might be nice for a hat. Here is Seeded Rib stitch converted to the round. Only 2 rounds, over a multiple of 4.

Seeded Rib (m4) Rnd 1: *K3P1* Rnd 2: P1*K1P3*

The pink hat is done in Ladder Stitch (June 5, 365 Knitting Stitches A Year Perpetual Calendar). This looked like a rib to me, but I was fooled. This pattern has no stretch, but is an attractive alternative to stockinette. I may do a few more with this pattern. The pattern is a multiple of 8, with 8 rows to one repeat. Don't let that put you off, it is only 2 rows repeated 4 times each. Again, I've converted it to knit in the round.

Ladder Stitch (m4) Rnds 1-4: *K5P3* Rnds 5-8 K1*P3K5* end P3.

Here's my old favorite, Kisar Sosay. She isn't that old, but she certainly is my one of my favorite animals. She's moving out with my son in a few weeks. She's a grumpy cat with a lot of personality, and I sure hate to see her go. She was sleeping in a patch of sun, and I took the picture with the sun streaming in from the window. First time I've ever been able to get a good shot of her face. Of course, she wouldn't look at the camera. Too grumpy to cooperate. Typical.


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