Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Pi Only a Mother Could Love

It was 430 in the morning, and I woke, sweating from a bad dream. I got up and went to the front room, nestling in the big chair. Nope, this is not going to work. The aches and pains were gone, the dream was just a dream again, but sleep was definitely not on the agenda.

The room began to lighten with the coming dawn. I heard the birds begin to wake, a few random chirps greeting the new day.

I can knit in this half-light if I find just the right project. But I feel like Goldilocks. Lace Pi Doily? The thread is too small. 2 sox on 2 circs? Too twisty and dark. Baby hat? I can’t find the needles. What’s a knitter to do?

I reached for my secret stash Pi. This one is just right.

Yes, some women keep a secret cache of chocolate, I have secreted away another Pi project. In an earlier fit of start-itis, I started a Pi from sock yarn, using all the leftovers from my baby sock madness adventure. I’m near the end of the 48 round section, and am trying to decide if I want to rip back or buy a larger needle.

I put all my little balls of sock yarn in a bag, and choose the next color at random. I'll admit, I made some rather unfortunate selections in the beginning. In my more charitable moments, I think it looks like a bulls eye or a dartboard. I’m much happier with the current section, but still have my doubts about the beginning. I pinned it out to see if I can live with it.

I think I’ll keep it, even though that is one ugly Pi. This isn’t going to win any beauty competition. It will spend its life on the sofa, or the floor. I’ll take it camping, or wrap up in winter. My DH will use it as a pillow. Most important is its current duty of early-morning knitting.


At 12:41 PM, June 12, 2006, Blogger Karen said...

Oh, I don't know. I think your random Pi is pretty. I vote for a longer needle, a girl can never have too many and you may need it again.

At 6:57 PM, October 13, 2006, Blogger Mar said...

I think it's great!No frogging!! What a good way to use the "leftover's" I'm thinking I should give this one a try??
Now to find the pattern!!

At 7:21 PM, October 13, 2006, Blogger Beth said...

I love your Pi! I think it's beautiful. I'd love to do something like this with all my random leftover bits of sock yarn.

At 11:35 AM, October 14, 2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Simply love it!


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