Tuesday, June 06, 2006

On The Needles

I made it to the Knitting Social at my LYS. I bought more yarn for newborn hats, and have finished one already. Odessa again, in Cascade Cherub Collection Kaleidoscope 1324. The flash bleached the colors a bit, but the hat is a lovely blend of pastel pink, green and white.

I'm making progress on the socks, this weekend I turned the heels and am now inching up the cuffs. That's another complaint re:2sox2circs. It takes two inches of knitting to see one inch on the socks. I must remind myself it is a fair trade, since I feel compelled to have the second sock identical to the first.

That might spring from the time when I learned to knit in 4-H some 40 plus years ago. After a sampler and a hat, I knitted a pair of wool mittens on dpns. By the time I finished the second mitten, my tension had changed enough that the second mitten was a touch smaller than the first. I wore those mittens for years, all through high school and beyond. They kept turning up at odd times and places, and I wore them for shoveling snow when I could find them. Every time I put them on, I could see the difference, and it irritated me just a bit. I kept them around, though, because they were so warm, and I always liked the blue variegated yarn. I think I know where they are, but it's been 2 winters since I've seen them.

Yesterday I picked up the Pi Doily again, and tried another Clue from the KYOAPi. This time I'm using Clue 5a, Bleeding Hearts. I finished 5 rounds, started on round 6. I am so pleased that this pattern is not shifting one stitch as the earlier attempt with the Leaf pattern. I will probably knit only 20 rounds and then bind off. At first I was going to knit on a wide, elaborate edging, but now I'm thinking a picot bindoff might be enough. I know how to knit on an edging, and right now I just want to get this Pi Doily done and off the needles.

I want to knit a shawl for myself, a bit lacey and fancier than the blue shawl I wear around the house. I have just enough knitted projects going, so I must finish one before I start a shawl. The newborn hats are ongoing, and you can see I have at least 3 more skeins of Opal yarn for my box o'socks. So, Pi Doily is the one to finish. Maybe 15 rounds will be enough. hmmmm.....

uploaded the picture twice. blogger is having their fun this morning. pictures at 11.


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