Friday, May 19, 2006

Update on the Box O'Sox

I finished the gussets yesterday, and turned one heel and knit up the heel flap. It's been awhile since I turned a heel for a toe-up sock (all those baby socks were top-down) and I didn't take good notes. I took detailed notes while I knitted the first sock, and I just finished turning the heel of the second sock, so I know the notes work. The sock on the right is ready to start knitting up the heel flap, the left sock is ready for the cuff.

Only 1 1/2 baby hats this week. I don't think I'll make it to the knitting social, so I can take these plus a few more for next week. I'm knitting my hat with the waffle stitch, and I like how it looks. The waffle stitch is very easy, based on k2p2 ribbing. Rnds 1&2: k2 p2. Rnds 3&4: knit. Pictures in a few days!


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