Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Back to Work

The long weekend is done, and it's back to work for everyone. Even I have to get back to my regular routine of ignoring housework and knitting furiously for charity. What a life!

I have 3 baby hats ready for the box at the LYS. The hat on top is done in Waffle Stitch, the pastel variegated hat is in Uneven Stitch and the bottom hat is in Seeded Rib Stitch. All these stitch patterns are found in the perpetual calendar, and I've converted them to knit in the round. I posted the patterns for 5 Newborn Baby hats on my website. These are the ones I've been knitting for donating to the local hospital, compiled in one spot for convenience.

There's not much difference between Seeded Rib and Uneven Stitch. Both stitch patterns are a column of knit stitches and a column of purl stitches separated by columns of seed stitch. Like this: K, seed, P, seed, K, seed, P, seed. The only difference is in the knitting of the seed stitches. In the Seeded rib, the seed stitches are the same. One round all the seeded sts are purl, the next round all the seeded sts are knit. This gives you the k3 p1, and p3 k1 of the pattern. In the Uneven Stitch, the seeded stitches alternate. One seeded stitch is k, the other is purl. This gives you k2p2 for each round, just jogged over one stitch. Both ribs are nice and stretchy, it just depends if you don't like the p3 of the Seeded Rib you can try the p2 of Uneven Rib.

My fourth pair of socks for the Box O'Socks Challenge is coming nicely. I am knitting these socks on 60 sts, with a 3x2 rib on the instep. I have just started my gusset stitches. Look out heels, here we come!


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