Wednesday, March 15, 2006

How beautiful a day can be…

Here’s another of Lisa’s cards graced with a tatted bookmark. It makes me hungry for spring weather and time in the garden!

I got this bookmark in the swap at the March meeting of our Lace Group. I think B. did a wonderful job, I love the butterfly, and check out the colors in the tassel.

You can read all about the swap and see more bookmarks on Alwen's blog. I wanted the Rainbow Wave bookmark she tatted in quilting thread, it is so tiny and precise! Alas, I did not get to choose, and was almost last in the random part of the swap. I’m not sad, though, because B.’s is so unique. Now I can study the technique she used to attach the butterfly to the bookmark. I may try something similar on one I’m making for Lisa. It certainly adds a spark of color and interest.

Technical tatting stuff: The bookmark pattern is ‘Curds and Whey’ (p.12) from Mary Konior’s “Tatting with Visual Patterns”. The butterfly is tatted with size 80 thread, an old fan pattern that’s been used in many different settings. (including this Snow Angel). B. used a solid color for the chains and variegated thread for the rings, adding some nice color changes in the butterfly.

I’ve been absent from the lace group for a few months, it was good to see Alwen again and share our knitting projects. The lace group easily tolerates our current fascination with knitting, we have managed to entice a few members to try some socks.

I’m still knitting baby socks for the Longest Line Contest. I won’t say how many pairs I have, but I’ll have to find a bigger box when I mail them in April.


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