Thursday, March 02, 2006

Time Out for Tatting

Danger, Danger! I feel a major distraction coming on! Something is pulling me away from my socks! Lisa, it's all your fault!

My friend Lisa makes cards. She says she is not crafty, but I disagree. I love her sense of color and style. For a 'non-crafty' person, she manages to make cards that are more beautiful than any I see in stores. Lisa makes more cards than she can possibly use, so I accepted her offer to take a few off her hands. I respect her crafting, and I wanted to repay her somehow. I offered to barter with her. I said I would knit her a pair of blue socks, or make some tatting for her cards.

Tatting? Yes, I have been known to tat on occasion. I have a web page on geocities with tatting patterns and projects I've created over the past 8 or 9 years.

Lisa replied last night, saying my cards were in the mail. Even though the thought of warm toes was enticing, she opted for some tatting. Lisa mentioned that in her rubber stamping magazine, they have some cards that have a bookmark attached inside, and it slides out. She asked for a few bookmarks, please. Not too many, just a few.

Now I'm rummaging through my bin of thread, looking for a few good colors, trying to locate an empty shuttle. Anyone who tats knows how tricky that can be. If a shuttle is even close to empty, it is usually attached to a project that is only 1/3 done.

At this point, I'm thinking of size 20 thread, about 1 1/2 x 4". #20 is heavy, but will hold its shape nicely with a bit of spray starch, rather than heavy duty stiffeners. I will probably have a braided tail, just because it makes it easier for me. No ends to finish that way. I will probably do a variety of sizes and colors, and let her tell me which ones she prefers. I'll be meeting her for lunch this month, so I want to get started.

I know nothing about rubber stampers, so if anyone has a link to the card with a bookmark like she described, I would be forever greatful!


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