Friday, February 24, 2006

More Mosaic Knitting

I wanted to try more mosaic knitting, and decided to make some potholders out of sampler squares. I just finished the first square. I used Mosaic pattern #46, page 40 from B. Walker's book, 'Mosaic Knitting'. I think the pattern doesn't show so well in garter stitch and the Sugar'n Cream yarn, but I managed to get a pretty good picture. A smaller sized needle will give me a firmer fabric. I don't feel like frogging, so I'll make another square with the size 8 needles, and go down to 6s for the next set. This square turned out 8x8", and I have enough yarn to easily do another square. I'll find a different pattern, and reverse the colors for the backside. I will also need to cut a liner before I sew the squares together, I hate potholders that let my fingers burn.

I also got Roxana Bartlett's book, 'Slip-Stitch Knitting' on loan from the library. The book is filled with color shots of mosaic designs, which is a nice change from Walker's book. There isn't much she can add to the basics of Mosaic Knitting, but I like her discussion of color. I haven't read the whole book yet, I'll report more later.


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