Monday, March 06, 2006

Tatted Bookmark with Card, Version 2

I got the box of cards from Lisa on Friday. They are gorgeous! I am in love with the beautiful colors she uses and the way she embellishes with little bits of ribbon, buttons or grommets. Even though I am a tatter and a dabbler in bobbin lace, I don’t like to fiddle around much. It has to work the first or second time, or I’m done.

I tried a second bookmark pattern, this one in #30 thread. I knew this green would almost match one of the greens she uses in her cards, but I only have this color in #30. The finer thread means I’ll have to use heavier stiffener, but I like the pattern and will be able to use more colors from my #30 stash. This bookmark is au natural, I haven’t stiffened it yet, just had to share right away.

I still haven’t decided if I should put a tassel on these bookmarks. I wonder if it would be too bulky for the card, but my son says bookmarks need a tassel to hang out and make the page easier to find. I’m inclined to agree.

(Now comes the technical tatting talk, please bear with me.)

This pattern started from ‘Tatting with Anne Orr’ (edging #36, p. 27) but soon morphed into something different. I decided I would make two passes, attaching the chains, and create a cluster of 4 small rings in order to be similar to my previous pattern. Then I lengthened the outer chains, just to add a little flair. I discovered I had to do a shoelace tie after the first ring in each pair in order to get the ball thread into the proper position for the next chain. I could have just crossed my threads, but I opted for the SLT for stability. I could use 2 shuttles, and solve the problem that way. That would create the opportunity for an interesting 2 color variation. Oh no, more distraction from my knitting!

All my rings are 6p6, the inner chains are also 6p6, and the outer chains are basically 8p8, open to additional picots. My friend, Alwen, uses picots much better than I do. She says, "Look at that bare chain, it’s just crying out for more picots." So, Alwen, if you can suggest a better chain, I’ll go for it in my next one.

I’m not neglecting my socks, I knit a little, then tat a little. The bookmarks are a welcome diversion, especially since I know Lisa is happy to have them.


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