Friday, May 12, 2006

Time to refocus. It all came to me in the shower this morning. I realized I have too many projects going at once, and I need to organize and prioritize my knitting life. (Why is it my great ideas come while I'm in the shower? If I bathed more often, would I be a lot smarter and more organized, or just water-logged and wrinkled?)

My KYOAM Pi Doily has only 6 more rounds to go and I will be done with Clue 3. I have several problems with advancing to Clue 4. First, I will need to get a longer #1 circular needle. Next, I'm not sure any of the KYAOM Clue 4 selections are what I want to knit. They are pretty for a shawl, but not really doily-like IMO. The doily is done, and I will focus on my priorities and commitments, and that means More Socks for Charity.

The Pi Doily is waiting for the appropriate Clue 5 edging. I'll finish Clue 3, double my stitches with a longer #2 circular, and do a few rounds of stockinette in preparation for the edging.

I am committed to baby hats for the local hospital, they are simple and quick to knit. I am winding some Opal yarn gifted to me for charity purposes, and will begin filling my Box O'Sox for Pine Ridge Reservation.

I will knit for myself, too. I have some lace weight yarn, and I'm going to continue studying knitted lace and make some decisions about shape and design of a shawl.


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