Thursday, June 15, 2006

Now that I have more bobbins, (thank you, Mrs. S.) it is much easier to have two projects on my pillows. I have an edging languishing on my roller pillow, and until now, not enough bobbins to do anything larger than a practice strip.

So I started a zigzag bookmark, using one of the prickings from the summer I took lace lessons. The original pricking has a large version (4 corners) and a small version (2 corners). I want to give this to my friend who makes the stamped cards, and adjusted the pricking at 3 corners. It should be big enough to use as a bookmark, but small enough to fit in the cards.

I am using DMC Cebelia, which works well enough for tatting, but I discovered does not work as well for bobbin lace. I am a bit rusty, and had to retro-lace the project after a few rows. As I got further into the bookmark, the thread on some bobbins began to untwist. I suspect the rolling bobbins started the whole thing. I persevered, and worked through the trouble spots. It’s in the cloth stitch area, and I was making that pretty firm.

My bobbin lace instructor recommended perle cotton for our beginning projects. I don’t care to tat with perle cotton, and so only have one or two balls. Now I wonder if perle cotton would be better than Cebelia for bobbin lace. I have used #80 tatting cotton, but that can be twisty, and slippery on the bobbins. I’ll have to make another bookmark in perle cotton and see if it stands up to the rolling and pulling. I’ve searched on the internet, and found that Herrschner’s carries colors for #12 and #8 perle cotton. Last time I checked locally, I could only find black, white, and ecru perle cotton in #12 and #8.


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