Thursday, August 31, 2006

Three new hats

Three new hats to enjoy. The periwinkle colored hat is from my second ball of Lion Brand Micro Spun. The baby green hat is from Cascade Cherub Collection, 4 ply, and the beautiful pink hat is also Cherub Collection, DK.
Don't go looking for that intense pink at your local yarn store, however. The Cascade Company changed their colors, and the new shade of pink is just plain pastel pink. You won't find this sassy, bright color any more. I used up the last of my pink DK, and my next girly hat for the babies will have to be simply pale and pastel if I want to use pink. I'm putting off the inevitable, and am currently knitting the next hat in lavender.
The green hat is knitted with SamplerM, pattern 8. The pattern doesn't show off well when the hat is in its natural state. If I put it over my hand and stretch it just a bit, the pattern shows up and looks very good. The pink hat is done in Waterfall, which I used earlier. I remembered to change needle sizes at the end of the ribbing, and this one looks like it would fit well.
The periwinkle hat is man or teen boy sized, with k1p1 ribbing for about 1 1/2" followed by plain k3p1 ribbing until the hat measured 5.5" from the beginning. The Micro Spun doesn't show the ribs well, but I feel k3p1 makes the hat fit better.
I followed the decreases found in Judy Gibson's pattern for Ribbed Caps. Her decreases are specially designed for k2p2 ribbing, and happened to work perfectly with my k3p1 ribs, too.
The two periwinkle hats will find their way to the knitters collecting chemo hats at Made by Hand. My husband loved this hat, and requested one just like it for Christmas. He only wears a hat when he is using the snowblower in winter, and it must be snug fitting, with no fold over brim. I won't argue with him, and I'll pick up some yarn when I go to the Post Office next week.


At 7:58 PM, September 08, 2006, Blogger Trish - My Merino Mantra said...

I just discovered your blog, and I think your hats are lovely, but what does "Sampler M, etc" mean? The patterns are wonderful.

At 8:16 PM, September 08, 2006, Blogger tatt3r said...

SamplerM is a Knitalong on Yahoo Groups. Carla found a knitted sampler and has translated all the patterns for us. The list began as a Dutch list, but Carla has included English versions of all the sampler patterns. You can follow the button on my sidebar, or you can search Yahoo Groups for KnitalongSamplerM.


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