Monday, October 02, 2006

Horizontal Leaf Stitch Pattern

The gals at Made By Hand posted pictures of the chemo hats I sent last month. Those are great pictures! You make my knitting look good! Kisknit mentioned she tried to figure out the knit-purl pattern on the roll brim hat, and I thought I would oblige and post a chart of the pattern.
There may be other variations on this stitch, I found this one in a Woman's Day Magazine (Oct 1971), an article titled "The Quick-Knit Cap: One Theme, Thirty Variations." (Yes, I am that old. I was out of high school, but not married yet. Whew, time flies.)
I found another variation in Barbara Abbey's book, "The Complete Book of Knitting", p. 152. This one is a multiple of 10 and the one in the magazine is a multiple of 8. I used a multiple of 8, since hats are usually decreased 8 stitches at a time to shape the top.
My little chart is pretty simple. Start at the bottom, read from right to left, the line down the middle marks the repeat of 8. The dashes are purl stitches, the plain boxes are knit stitches. If you are knitting in the round, knit the chart as you see it. If you are knitting on two needles, you will have to read the even rounds from left to right, and remember a purl stitch on the right side is a knit stitch on the wrong side.
The knitters at Made by Hand are collecting chemo hats to donate to their local hospital, and they are excited about the number and quality of hats they have received so far. If you have time, why not grab some soft yarn in a color that you love and knit a hat for them. They are accepting hats until the end of October. If that's a time crunch for you, keep an eye on their blog, because I think they are planning another project for next year. You gals are special, thanks for letting me participate!


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