Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Edging Chart for KISS Pi Shawl

I got a request for a chart of the edging I'm using on my KISS PI shawl. My edging has been adapted from several sources, so it's not my original, but a variant. I found a Diamond Edging that I liked, and I also liked parts of The Granton edging. Finally, I found an edging used on the Cap Shawl in Victorian Lace Today (p.28), and changed the row count, added some yos at the edge, and liked what my sample looked like. If you don't like my edging, try for a nice selection of knitted lace edgings.

The KISS Pi edging starts by knitting on 15 stitches, the odd rows are knit, the even rows are purl. I start each purl row with yo, purl two together and end by purling the last stitch together with one from the shawl. I start each knit row by slipping the first stitch, and end by knitting into the back of the very last stitch.
All my decreases are either Knit 2 together or Purl 2 together. I didn't want to bother with SSK, so that is what you see in my pictures.
If you need help in knitting on a lace edge, I suggest you get any knitted lace book from the library. I had a little trouble getting started, but finally gritted my teeth and abandoned my indecision.
I have 15 repeats done now, almost half!


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