Thursday, November 08, 2007

Socks for Me

I finally finished my pair of socks. It seems like it took longer than usual, and now my Christmas knitting is far behind. I have started in September in the past, but was not so motivated this year.
I loved the brown shades when it was in the skein, but didn't like the stripes in the foot at all. I needed a stockinette foot, since ribs down the instep were hurting my feet on long walks. I know, it makes me think of The Princess and the Pea, and I'm not so delicate, honest.
I knit the leg in Harris Tweed, and all those knits and purls blurred the stripes very nicely. I have found I like to keep the leg about as long as my foot. It just happened that my yarn changed to white when I was thinking about switching to ribs. I didn't notice the matching white toes, heels and cuffs until I took the picture. Now I like them even more. Hooray for serendipity!
I have done my socks with 68 sts and rib on the instep. About half way up the foot I wondered if I needed fewer sts with a stockinette foot. I am pleased to say the socks fit fine, and I'll probably make my next pair with a stockinette foot, too.

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At 11:07 AM, November 08, 2007, Blogger Alwen said...

I've decided I like a plain foot best, too. Isn't it funny how you can see things in a photo that you didn't notice just looking at something?

Such little feet you have! :)


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