Thursday, January 08, 2009

Birthday Socks are gone, but I forgot a picture

The Birthday socks are done, and two days early! DWE and A came by this afternoon, and she was happy to have them. She doesn't say much, but she knew her feet would be warm in these socks.

As I worked the cuff, I had a little knot in the skein and I cut it out and continued. When the color changed to the next stripe, I was amazed to see the progression had reversed! I cut the yarn again, unwound yarn from the outside of my skein till it matched, and then finished the sock. The cuffs now match, but instead of just two ends to finish off, that sock had six ends to weave in. I had heard stories about Opal yarn reversing direction but had never seen it in action. It was fixed easily enough, but still was a pain.

I'm working on baby hats again, and will make a delivery soon with 24 hats. I have just 4 more to go. With the cold weather predicted for this weekend and into the next, I will have lots of time for knitting. I have discovered I can knit baby hats while I walk on the treadmill, and get an inch or two done during my 30 minutes of torture. It's my own fault, after my broken wrist, I am extra cautious about walking on ice or snow on top of ice.

It's been a year since I knit any socks for myself, and these socks went so quickly, I decided to start another pair. I'm using Knit Picks Essential, Dune Twist, and #0s. Diametrag and DWE gifted me with a Knit Picks sampler of sock yarn for Christmas 07, and I'm stash diving with enthusiasm. Dune Twist is dark brown and caramel twisted together, and it's pretty and knitting up soft and smooth. A little splitting with the increases, but nothing terrible.

The plan is to balance baby hats with socks, and work in a little tatting, too. But that's another blog.

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