Sunday, January 04, 2009

Birthday Socks - Update

I finished the gussets, turned the heels and each sock has 20 rounds on the cuff. I have a few days before The Birthday, so I can relax a bit and pick up my baby hats again. I figure as long as I get 15 - 20 rounds done per sock, per day, they will be done in time.

I am not going to make extremely long socks, but they should be at least as long as the foot. They sure look skinny, don't they. It's the k2p2 ribs, plus her feet are narrower than long, not the usual square unit most feet are. I wasn't as accurate as I usually am with matching the stripes, but it's pretty good. As long as I can end in the same color stripe, I won't worry about it.

It's been about a year since I knitted real socks. I've knitted booties and baby socks, but nothing toe-up. I finished turning the first heel, and realized I had an extra stitch added in from somewhere. I looked but couldn't find my mistake, so I ripped it and reknit the heel turn. I was more careful when I turned the second heel, but when I started knitting the heel flap, I ended my first row with 1 stitch missing. This time I didn't rip, but tinked 2 rows, and started again. Whew. Now I'm on the home stretch, and don't expect any more problems. I had one tiny knot, which I cut out and now I'll have 2 extra ends to hide.

I plan to start another pair of socks right away when these are done. No rush, but the socks in my drawer are looking a bit tired. Time to increase the population, and extend the wearability of the old ones.

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