Sunday, January 11, 2009

Socks for me, and a picture I forgot

I forgot to upload the picture of my Christmas knitting. I was asked to knit a pair of slippers - 2 strands of worsted weight acrylic and #8 dpns. My wrists survived, and I tackled another pair. It seemed that my knitting mojo was on its way back, so I knit 2 pairs of wristers and 2 hats. Then I added 2 pairs of booties and 3 bibs, and it was all done in time for the holiday!
Now I've power-knit a pair of birthday socks, and am taking it easy on a pair of socks for me. My sock drawer needs some refreshing, a new pair of warm, toasty socks will cheer up my toes.

The Knit Picks tweed is very soft, and my k2p2 instep doesn't pull in the way it did for the Opal birthday socks. As I knit, I am thinking of stopping the rib after the heels, and working the cuffs in plain stockinette. I don't care if the cuffs are a little slouchy, but I like my sock to have a good fit inside my shoe. If the rib doesn't work in this yarn, why bother? It would look strange if I stopped in the middle of the foot, but I think I could live with a pair of socks that had plain cuffs and ribbed feet. We'll see.
Baby hats #22 and #23 are tucked in the side of the picture. I've got #24 OTN, should finish it today, wash the load on Monday and deliver the batch sometime this next week. I think of 24 warm babies and I smile. It's good to be knitting again.

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