Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Dragon or Dino?

The pattern said Dragon, but I think it's a Dinosaur. It's for Bean, my grandson, and he won't care what it's called, he'll just make it growwwlllll.

The original was sport yarn, I used Red Heart Worsted. Knitting with #6 needles left a few gaps, you can see one by the eye. I should have either used #5s or a double strand of yarn, but by the time I realized that, I was not going to frog all that knitting.

The pattern has several mistakes and I had to grit my teeth and fudge some decreases. I finally relaxed about the whole thing when I told myself, "It's just a toy!" and so Bean will have a squishy toy from his grandma. The eyes are a bit creepy, but I like the crocheted shells up the spine. Pretty cool for a gal that can't crochet much.

Here's another project, a Duduza doll. I didn't want to knit a traditional teddy, with all those pieces, and all that sewing. I read about a charity that needed Duduza dolls and I thought I would try the pattern for Bean. Of course, I had to change the pattern just a bit. First, I decided to knit it in the round. I hate sewing seams, plus I'm not so good. Then I decided to get even fancier, and started off with a closed tube, double knitting. I added a few stitches to make the doll wider, then had to make it a bit longer to keep the proportions correct. I knit all evening, finally putting it away just before bedtime. All I need to do is find some brown variegated yarn for the hair and...Wait a minute.
As I drank my coffee this morning, I realized if I finish the hat/hair and decrease, I won't be able to stuff my doll! Wow, that was close! Knittin' Grandma had a senior moment last night, and only the gray dawn of morning saved her from a Serious Knittin' Goofup!
Now the plan is to stuff the doll, finish the head, stuff and then seam the arms/legs/neck/waist.
My Great-Nephew was born at the beginning of the month, and I'm getting his package ready to go. I have the Seamless Kimono, in sock yarn, a pair of booties from the leftovers, and a bright blue bib done in kitchen cotton.

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At 9:28 PM, February 25, 2009, Blogger Leahtk said...

Wow, that dino is cool. Mr Bean is going to love it. He loves the sock puppet by the way. Tonight he was feeding it blocks :)

At 5:49 PM, March 02, 2009, Blogger Leahtk said...

DH dubbed him "Petey the Pliosaur".


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