Monday, February 02, 2009

Seamless Baby Kimono in Sock Yarn

I'm expecting to be a great aunt this month, and I guess I'd better pick up this little sweater again. I have had this skein of Regia Cotton Surf for years - it's so old it weighs 100 grams instead of 50. I've tried to make a scarf or socks with it several times, and each time I frogged it. There's something about the colors I don't like, but it will be fine for a baby boy.
My nephew lives in Georgia, and the weather is hot in the summer. I thought a light weight kimono would be useful for a summer cover up anywhere the A/C is too cold. I find it hard to imagine too much A/C, but I don't live in the South.

I'm using the Seamless Baby Kimono from the Complete Fabrication blog. It's really just a top-down raglan sweater with surplice fronts. The original pattern is written for 8ply, so I've had to make some modifications for my little sweater. I'm using #5s with sock yarn, which is almost too big, but the resulting knit fabric is soft and light. I'm getting about 6 sts per inch, and I decided I wanted a 6 month size sweater, and 112 sts for the body.
I saw her kimono had 100 sts for the body, and so I multiplied everything by 112% to get my numbers. So far it looks pretty good, even a bit larger than I expected.
I also am keeping 3 stitches in garter for the front border, and it's nice and stretchy. I finished the yoke and put the sleeves on scrap yarn; my skein has 70 grams left. I should be able to finish the sweater, and maybe even a pair of little socks!

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