Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Seamless Baby Kimono - Done!

The kimono is done, and I have about 32 grams left from my 100 gram skein! I could make 2 pairs of matching baby socks, I don't think a hat would be used much. I made 2 ties at the corners but am wondering if I need 2 more ties inside. Or maybe a button and a loop. It's pretty lightweight, and the fronts might not stay put.
I notice the seed stitch borders tend to flip around, too. I'll see if I can't gently block it before I send it off.
The kimono is a good size, bigger than the 6 month size I expected. The sleeves are 3/4 length, and that was intentional. I found a partial skein of Opal Petticoat in my stash that is delicate pink, yellow and white. I have enough to make another kimono for a girl that will arrive this summer. I'm going to stop at the dime store tomorrow and find some #4 circs for that sweater. I think I'd prefer a firmer knit for the next one. #5s are just too big.

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At 4:23 PM, February 05, 2009, Blogger Alwen said...

Oh, that is so cute in that yarn! Good use for it.


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