Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Knitting Loot!

Knitting loot! I know I've raised my children right when they indulge me with gifts of yarn! Sock yarn at that!
The kids' gift to me is a sock yarn sampler from Knit Picks, Neutral Colors. I am in love with all the yarn, and will locate my #0 needles later today so I can start a pair this evening.
The sampler has yarn for 6 pairs of socks, plus a skein of Tofutsies that Diametrag added to the package.
I am torn between the self-striping Felici Pebble, and Essential Flint Tweed. I like the little flecks of colors in the blue/gray, but the brown self striping is so pretty!
J ordered two books for me, Vogue's Ultimate Sock Book and A Gathering of Lace. I've looked over GOL in the bookstore, but never bought it. I love this book, the pictures are luscious! I especially like Frost Flowers & Leaves. That is now on my Maybe-Someday List.
Thanks, Family, for indulging my knitting addiction! When I'm done cleaning, nothing will stop me from casting on socks for ME, ME, ME!

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