Thursday, January 03, 2008

Progress on Socks for Me!

I haven't been knitting a lot since Christmas; I took a little break. Last night I picked up my Christmas socks, and made good progress. One sock is almost done with the gusset increases, the second sock is waiting its turn. I like to knit my socks in tandem, on dpns. I work on one pair, then the other, so I have only suffered from the dreaded Second Sock Syndrome (SSS) once. It was such a horrible experience I vowed to never let SSS happen again, and have since knitted my socks together.
The yarn is Felici, from Knit Picks and it feels smooth as it runs through my fingers. I want to finish these socks soon, I can't wait to see how warm they are. The skeins didn't start in the same spot in the colorway, and I just started knitting, rather than trying to find a corresponding starting point. I think of them as fraternal socks, rather than identical. The colors please my eye so much, I don't care that they are different.
My feet are small, these socks are only 64 sts on #0 dpns, and I only knit 4.5" before starting my gussets. I've been teased that I have an unfair advantage because I don't have to knit big socks. Now Alwen can laugh again. I got boots for my birthday, and I'll have to knit longer cuffs for my socks. I have been knitting socks that are a bit short, and I find they are barely long enough to protect my leg from the cuffs on the new boots. My Christmas yarn came at just the right time, I need longer socks so I can walk in the snow and stay warm.

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