Thursday, May 28, 2009

Hat and Booties in Garter Stitch

I finished a hat and booties for Diametrag's sitter who is expecting a girl in late August or September. Diametrag gave me the yarn before she had Bean, so it's properly aged. I found the partial skein of DK yarn (90 grams) and decided it was time to use it up. Besides, I like the synchronicity of using Diametrag's yarn to make a gift for her sitter.

I finished the hat and one pair of booties, and had about 30 grams left. Not enough for a sweater or a hat, but enough for a second pair of boots. I thought it was a good idea - I remember losing one of a pair of hand-knit booties in the laundry, and not finding it till the kid had outgrown them. (I think it crept inside J's sweatshirt and spent the summer in hiding.) This way she'll have a pair and at least one to spare.

The patterns are Elizabeth Zimmermann's Bonnet and Booties to go with the Baby Surprise Jacket. The booties are a quick knit; the bonnet is a little tedious, even with the simplicity of garter stitch. The bonnet has an interesting shape, and I think it will do a good job of covering ears and staying on.

I used #5 needles and DK or sport weight acrylic yarn of unknown brand. (The label was gone). I started with 90 grams, and have about 8 grams left.

I have another baby gift I want to knit - another little girl. I bought two skeins of Lion Brand Baby Soft, Candy Print. It's not as pretty as the previous yarn, but it's mint green, pink, and yellow, no blue in this one.

I'm trying to decide which sweater I want to knit. A kimono would be nice, no buttons down the front. Seamless is always my preference, so a top-down raglan would be best. So far, I'm leaning toward the Seamless Baby Kimono I made for my nephew's little boy, but then the garter stitch hat and booties wouldn't coordinate as well. I'd have to find a stockinette pattern, but that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Bernat has a garter stitch kimono, infant sizes and DK yarn, but it is knit in pieces and sewn up. Ugh. My seams are not good. I'll have to think on it. I have two lace projects I must finish, then I'll start this project. This baby is due any day, and my gift will be late. But I can make a six month size and Kaitlyn can wear it through the winter. Love that name.

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