Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Knitting up the leg

I finished the gussets, turned my heels, and knitted the heel flaps on both socks. Now I'm on the home stretch, knitting up the legs.
This is where I typically run out of gas, and end the sock early. I want to add about an inch to my standard length cuffs in order to fit comfortably in my new boots. I have at least one pair that slides down, and I give a good tug to keep it comfortable. I hope a snug heel and a longer cuff will take care of that.
I have been knitting socks for myself since about 2003, and have enough pairs to make it through a laundry cycle. Lately I noticed that the first socks I reach for were the ones with the plain foot, and I realized they were more comfortable. The Opal socks are nice, but a bit thinner. This Knit Picks Felici is a tiny bit thicker, not a dk, rather a fat sock yarn. I will see if my feet can tell the difference.
I don't pamper my socks, they get washed and dried in the machine with all my regular laundry. Recently I spotted the first signs of wear. Other than one pair that I snagged on the furnace floor vent in the kitchen, I have had no holes in my socks. Now I see tiny wear spots in my toes. Not the heels, not the heel flaps, but the toe! I have a toenail that sticks straight up, and that must be the culprit. I'll have to keep them trimmed closer, I guess.

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At 1:45 PM, January 08, 2008, Blogger Alwen said...

I must be pretty easy on socks (knock on wood). I just threw out a pair I dimly remember was a Christmas present from one of my gramas when I was in high school!

Going barefoot a lot might have something to do with this. :)

At 3:59 PM, January 08, 2008, Blogger punkin said...

I was just about to ask which pattern you used for your toe-up socks, but then I found that you used a pattern from Sensational Socks. I have that book too, so now I want to find that in the book and try it. Your socks look great.


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