Monday, June 30, 2008

Hug Your Baby

I know these hats aren't the most exciting thing to blog about. After all, how many variations of pink and blue baby hats can one knit?
I see 24 hats and think of 24 warm babies. I think of 24 moms who think their new baby is the cutest baby in the world.
I think all babies deserve to be loved and warm. All babies. Everywhere. Since I can't change the world, I will warm as many babies as I can. One at a time.
Hug your baby, okay?

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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bean Gets a Sunhat

Diametrag wanted a sunhat for Bean. He's a travelling man, now, and rides in the car daily. He also spends time outside, watching the big kids play, and needs some shade for his little head.

Knittin' Grandma to the rescue! My stash of kitchen cotton didn't have any "manly" colors, so I used what I had on hand. The orange reminds me of neon orange hunting hats. Bean will need an orange hat this fall when he goes walking in the woods with his Grandpa T.

Diametrag liked the sunhat pattern I found here. I made the yellow hat first, in the 6 month size and with the closed version of the brim. I thought it was a bit too lacey, and made my own version for the orange hat. I cast on the same # of sts, but decreased 12 stitches every other round until I had the number of stitches needed for the main body of the hat. There is still a little ripple, but it's not quite as girly to my eye. I couldn't find my small #8 circ, so I used my #8 dpns. I knew I would get ladders with the cotton; so I did k4p1 rib on the crown. It puts a purl stitch at the end of my dpns, and adds a little ventilation.

Bean looked pretty good; the hats fit and will keep the sun off his face. The kitchen cotton will fade, but he'll outgrow them before they get washed too many times.

I brought my Thanksgiving Cacti to the back porch for a little summer sun. Diametrag, See how well the Christmas Cactus has rooted!

She gave me 3 cuttings in March, and they all have new growth. I'll have to look for a hanging pot, the Christmas Cactus is more pendulous than my Thanksgiving Cacti. I also rooted cuttings from my white Thanksgiving cactus, and divided them into 2 pots. I know a lady at the lace group that would love a white cactus, but not sure where the second one will go.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

Small Knitted Doily

I've had this done for some time now, and just got around to blocking it. It's Flacon , a small doily found on It was a simple knit, about 3 hours. I can't remember if I used 0s or 1s, it's stretched quite tightly to get it out to 7".

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