Friday, June 05, 2009

Thanks for the Hats!

I delivered baby hats about 6 weeks ago, and have not kept up the pace recently. I've been tatting, gardening and just living, and I set baby hats aside for a few evenings.

But I'm energized once again, because I got a Thank You in the mail today! It came at the right time, and I've been smiling all morning.

JoAnn had my favorite baby yarn on sale so Kaylee and I hopped in the truck and picked up some pink. (No blue, we'll have to go back next week and see if they've restocked).

When we returned, the mail had been delivered, and I had this wonderful note signed by all the nurses. Wow. I was overwhelmed to get some thanks from the nurses. I know, they probably sent the same thing out to everyone who knits hats, it's not just me. But I don't want to think of it that way. I want to believe they thinking of me and my hats when they signed the card.

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