Sunday, November 25, 2007

Slipper Sox for Jake

"Jake" asked for slipper sox this year, and I found the notes from his first pair. I knitted those in 2004 and I guess they have lasted this long because they have been lost most of that time. "Jake" is not very organized. I found this red yarn at the Suburban Five and Dime, and decided to make him a bright pair of slippers. Maybe if they glow in the dark he'll be able to find them when they are under his bed or in a closet. You can also see the little hoya plants I'm growing for Christmas. I'm a bit disgruntled right now, and "Jake" probably won't get a plant from me.
Knitter's details: 2 strands worsted weight acrylic yarn, size 8 dpns, 40 stitches. Cuff down, 12 rounds k2p2 rib, 20 sts and 20 rows for heel flap. Turn heel, pick up 11 sts for gussets. 20 rounds to the toe shaping, continue k2p2 rib down the instep.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Baby Socks - Again!

I didn't expect to do more baby socks so soon, but another baby popped up, and I just had to knit a pair. I was saving this beautiful skein of Opal Petticoat for a potential granddaughter. Now that we know the Bean is a boy, there's no need to save this skein. I was amazed at how beautiful these sockies turned out. For some reason I grabbed 2s instead of 1s, and I will not make that mistake next time. Now I have the urge to go to a yarn shop and see if there is any Opal Petticoat in shades of blues and greens, just for Diametrag's little Bean.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

Socks for Me

I finally finished my pair of socks. It seems like it took longer than usual, and now my Christmas knitting is far behind. I have started in September in the past, but was not so motivated this year.
I loved the brown shades when it was in the skein, but didn't like the stripes in the foot at all. I needed a stockinette foot, since ribs down the instep were hurting my feet on long walks. I know, it makes me think of The Princess and the Pea, and I'm not so delicate, honest.
I knit the leg in Harris Tweed, and all those knits and purls blurred the stripes very nicely. I have found I like to keep the leg about as long as my foot. It just happened that my yarn changed to white when I was thinking about switching to ribs. I didn't notice the matching white toes, heels and cuffs until I took the picture. Now I like them even more. Hooray for serendipity!
I have done my socks with 68 sts and rib on the instep. About half way up the foot I wondered if I needed fewer sts with a stockinette foot. I am pleased to say the socks fit fine, and I'll probably make my next pair with a stockinette foot, too.

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