Thursday, April 26, 2007

I Won! I Won!

Look what I won from The Knitting Hutch! I signed up for Jackie's email newsletter, and I am the amazed winner of the Spring 2007 Drawing. This wonderful skein of Sea Silk yarn arrived at my house yesterday.
Those who know me are probably astonished that I chose this color. I almost opted for the Straw, but since my Pi Shawl is tan, I decided to go for something darker.
I think I can get a rectangular lace scarf/shawl out of the 437 yards in this skein. I plan to use larger needles and keep it narrow, about 10 - 12 inches wide. I've been looking through "Victorian Lace Today", and like the scarf on p. 90, but that is not my final decision. I have 2 books with shawl patterns coming from the library; this is only time I enjoy 'window shopping'.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Generations Purse from Knit Picks

I received a catalog from Knit Picks last week, but didn't settle in to read it until this weekend. I knew there was a lot of information about lace knitting, and I enjoyed looking at the shawls.

Then I found the pattern for the Generations Purse, and I couldn't help myself, I had to knit it! I used #10 crochet cotton and #1 dpns; my bag is 4 1/2"W x 6"L. I think this will be perfect for a ball of thread and tatting shuttle. I haven't blocked my bag, I put a colored card inside to give it a bit of shape and show off the pattern.

Of course I had to tweak the pattern just a bit. I am seriously challenged when it comes to sewing seams, so I was determined to make this project seamless. I cast on 76 stitches and did 2 rounds of double knitting to create an open tube, as described on Alwen's blog. It was a bit tricky to switch to dpns and establish the lace pattern. At first I kept the 38 sts in the lace pattern on 1 dpn, and used 2 additional dpns with 19 sts each. After I got tired of struggling with 4 dpns, I determined where to divide the lace panel so I could knit with 5 dpns. (sts 10 - 28 on one dpn, 19 sts on the others)

I'm not sure if my eyelets at the top line up as the pattern intended. I would have had to make some adjustments for knitting in the round, but I was watching tv and finished the first eyelet round before I realized there was a problem. It was late, I was cranky, and who cares about eyelets, anyway!

My only problem was with row 9 of the chart. Row 9 has a double decrease symbol, but the legend to the right says this: "slip 2 knitwise, k2, pass 2 slipped stitches over." I went to the Knit Picks site and downloaded the pattern here. This version has written directions along with the chart, and Row 9 says "slip 2 sts knitwise, k1, psso". However, the legend on the chart is also incorrect. I did neither, I slipped 1 stitch, k2tog, psso. I freely admit mine doesn't look as nice as theirs, and if I ever do it again, I'll slip 2, k1, psso.

I think I'd like to knit this one again, eventually. I'd like to conquer that annoying decrease in Row 9, and align the eyelets properly. But most of all, I'd like to knit it in a darker color. Ecru isn't real practical for a bag that is intended to carry a tatting project. I would like to find a dark rose, or perhaps a sky blue to make this really practical. I wonder if I could use 2 strands of #30 Cebelia? hmmmm. Maybe I'll try that later.

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Sunday, April 08, 2007

Turkey in the Driveway?

When J was walking the dog this morning, he saw these tracks in our driveway. We looked in our bird book and think they are turkey tracks. Okay, Alwen, you are my resident nature expert. What's your opinion?

Too bad we missed seeing him, we could have had a fresh turkey for dinner. Not. I'm not a vegetarian, but I would give up meat if I had to kill and clean it myself.

I threw my 6" ruler on the ground for perspective. I think it's pretty neat to get a bird of this size in the city.

Knitting content has been pretty lean these days. The dog still grabs my yarn when I try to knit, but will ignore the bobbin lace pillow and stand. I've been sewing some totes and cases for my bobbin lace projects, and am working on a pincushion today.

I do have a knitting project on the needles, but won't show any pictures just yet. Top secret, ya know.


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